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This was before Instagram; people who only listened to urban radio were like, "Nelly Furtado's a really cool Jamaican boy! " [Laughs] Timbaland also did a really successful remix of "Turn Off the Lights,” from my first album. I think Jimmy felt like we had never created magic together that wasn't remixes. " This was funny too, because it was right before Chris became friends with Jay Z.

He loved my song "Baby Girl," and ended up sampling my vocal percussion to create a whole new song for Ms. So flash-forward: it's like 2004 or 2005, and he's like, "Tim's in Miami, you can go and start working on it." I had already worked in Miami on my little pre-Loose demo tapes with Scott Storch and Pharrell, and I had also worked with Nellee Hooper in England. Timbaland was obsessed with Coldplay at the time and so I'm like, "I'm working with Timbaland, and he loves you guys! So Chris gets to the studio the next night, and he was sort of jamming on his acoustic guitar, and Timbaland is literally calling him Coldplay, not Chris.

I’m pretty much rapping; it's totally me and Tim coming together and creating some kind of electricity.

That was my first 'street’ hit, it was my first urban hit — nobody had heard "I’m Like a Bird" because it was on pop radio. ’ 'Dust Your Shoulders Off' is like, my favorite song ever and I'd love to work with Timbaland!

Ten years later, on the cusp of Furtado’s sixth album, The Ride, she gave The FADER the stories behind the making of the singularly compelling Loose. [Producers] Track & Field and I were in the studio every day. So I had lots of time to come up with interesting rhythms and melodies.

Before Loose, I remember being like, "Okay, I want to do a pop album." I wanted to prove to myself that I could be more streamlined. It was really fun when I tried to play the stuff live, but I always thought it made more sense in a club environment.

I do believe that we might make music together again.

" Jimmy was always really stuck on my "Get Ur Freak On" remix with Missy Elliot from 2000.

Putting that out was important, and it did really well; it was the official remix to a super iconic song.

I always felt like the male and female voices were equals. It's good to be proud of what you do, and I think Tim and I really did create something new.

It was created in that tradition of a TLC or a Salt-N-Pepa song, where the women are assertive and just like, "I'm okay with my sexuality." I remember talking to Tim backstage at the Teen Choice Awards, like, "I really want to pull out condoms when we go out." We didn't go into it lightheartedly, you know? “It’s good to be proud of what you do, and I think Tim and I really did create something new. I'm proud we were able to celebrate our chemistry on such a large level. It's kind of funny, after Loose went down it was the classic thing where him and I started fighting.

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