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The disadvantage is that itching, redness and soreness often occur.

Its effect is slow and it may be several weeks before you notice any improvement.

In women, genital warts usually occur around the opening of the vagina (vulva), but they may occur in the folds of skin alongside the vaginal opening, or between the vagina and the anus, and around the anal opening.

The figures ( In women, genital warts begin as small, gritty-feeling growths, which then enlarge and become more frond-like.

Annoyingly, whatever the treatment, there is a 30% chance that the warts will come back usually after a few weeks or months.

This is because the treatments destroy the wart itself, but cannot get rid of the HPV in the skin beneath the wart.

An individual may have dozens of warts, or just one or two. The usual treatments because they are simple and effective are podophyllotoxin or imiquimod.

Other treatments (such as freezing, burning with acid or laser treatment) are sometimes used, depending on the type and size of wart.

Occasionally they are flat, like warts on the fingers.

It seems to work by stimulating the body's own immune system to destroy the warts.

On average, women need 8 weeks of treatment and men need 12 weeks, but it can be used for up to 16 weeks.

Pregnancy seems to encourage genital warts they often become bigger or more numerous.

Unfortunately, podophyllotoxin may harm the baby, and it is not known whether imiquimod is safe in pregnancy.

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Podophyllotoxin is a plant extract that comes as a liquid or cream.

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