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Trust me, I know this one smells like a publicity stunt.But too many industry heads are talking, so there must be something to it.Ms Banks, who crowned the 'fiercely real' Whitney Thompson as the winner of Top Model Cycle ten in 2008, with many labeling her as the show's first 'plus-size' victor, launched the Fiercely Real Model Search for plus-size teens in 2010.As women strive to get back on track this New Year, Special K chose to partner with Ms Banks for a campaign titled 'shhhhut down fat talk' to help shift the weight management conversation to a more positive one As part of the new campaign, Special K invited several women to a store that contained labels inscribed with things like 'feeling so disgusted at my figure at the moment #cow,' 'cellulite is in my DNA,' and 'I have a muffin top' in place of display signs and price tags.There's something about the curve of the feet up the leg to the butt that's really, really wonderful, and the right pair of shoes can give you the right silhouette.Three years ago, Tyler Perry received a call from girlfriend Gelila Bekele that would change both of their lives forever.

He resisted her feedback, the same way he resists the feedback of critics and media people who chastise his work, and became extremely defensive with her.

In fact, the source who gave me this info also gave me a hot tip two weeks ago — which I chose to dismiss — and by the next day, the story was on every blog.

This source is responsible for a few of my hottest scoops which the national media picked up on. As you know, director/actor Tyler Perry has done this sort of thing in the past to quiet the rumors about his sexuality.

For more information on Perry's relationship with Bekele, as well as background on Bekele in general, click through our gallery of her best Instagram pics.

'Whether sparked by an unflattering photo or shopping for jeans, these negative comments women make about their own bodies and others are a destructive and significant barrier to weight-management success,' Special K explained in a press release.

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“I get a Face Time call and she’s holding up the pregnancy stick,”he tells PEOPLE’s Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle in the latest episode of The Jess Cagle Interview (streaming now on People TV).

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