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Whether conscious or unconscious, guilt is an important factor in our lives. We try to avoid it; when we cannot, we try to get rid of it, sometimes by trying to put blame on others through the psychological action called “projection.” “I don’t feel that way; does,” we say.American psychoanalyst Jody Davies calls this a “hot potato” feeling—if a feeling is too painful to hold onto, we try to pass it onto someone else.She may want to know that she was not a bad, angry, or hurtful daughter.Maybe she secretly or unconsciously feels that she is a bad person.Or it might even be about you—indirectly, if she sometimes hated you when you were a crying, colicky baby.

--Michael Goulding, MSW, LCSW Author of “Protecting Your Inner Peace” don't do guilt.

I agree, Anna, I have had a couple sources advise me that ignoring the action or comments is the best solution. One of our therapists at Carolina Partners in Mental Health (here in Durham, NC) had some words I wanted to share on this idea that you discuss of "realizing you're an adult now": Realize You Are an Adult Now We often jump to the panicky place of losing the approval of others as we did when we were a child.

Being told I was trying to get approval from someone who would never give it to me absolutely struck a cord with me. This childlike emotional perspective can fill us with the need to defend our position and try to win arguments against people who will never change their minds.

That’s one of the reasons it is such a powerful tool for getting someone to do what you want them to do.

It is also one of the reasons that most of us dislike people who try to make us feel guilty.

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If you have one, you may react in a number of different, common ways, such as with anger, frustration, sadness, hurt, and guilt.

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