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He says he was with the woman he is dating, Thea Summers.They then go to meet Thea, who is staying at the Beaumont's hotel property and who bears a striking resemblance to Veronica.

From this, Henry predicts that the culprit must have been Veronica's hotheaded boyfriend at the time, Jordan Beaumont.

In a flashback to 1991, we meet Henry's old detective partner, Lou Gamble, whom teenage Shawn convinces to tell the story of the missing girl named Veronica Towne the SBPD is investigating.

She was last seen by the place she used to work, a lounge called The Blue Derby.

"Santabarbaratown" is the sixteenth and final episode of season six.

After over 20 years of searching, the body of Veronica Towne has been found, and Shawn, Gus, and Henry reopen the case and revisit all the old suspects, including the son of a millionaire who was dating her at the time she went missing.

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Juliet is instructed to stay home under police protection until Jordan is caught.

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