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Here is a complete step by step, detailed guide on Kansa, on how to use the Kansa tools to achieve the best results, by the pioneers of Kansa Wand Massage Therapy, the best of the rare, few experts on this topic- Melanie and Robert Sachs.

Packed with invaluable, eye-opening, and practical knowledge, this course teaches you how to make conscious and informed choices about your diet.

With real-life practical guidelines from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine to address common problems, this course helps you in balancing your vital life force.Learn safe and effective strategies that will help you improve your brain’s performance and decrease the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.Relevant for all ages since brain disorders can start to develop early on.Ayurveda & Anti-Aging is a powerful, multi-disciplinary healing program that shows you how to stop the accelerated aging process.Combining knowledge from Ayurveda, Chinese and herbal medicine, this course is a composite approach to hitting the reset button on your life.

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