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From the Eemian as well, it must be concluded that differences in facies made the difference between the regions, and that the well-established more temperate Eemian marine fauna was connected only with the shallow-water environment. Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm: Scandinavian University Press. Among the 140 species recorded from the Eemian, 118 or 84.3% occur in the Holocene subfossil material and/or recent fauna. (ed.): Pleistocene/Holocene boundary in south-western Sweden. Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning Serie C 794, Forbes, E. 1853: A history of British Mollusca, and their shells, 616 pp. Tidsskrift for Naturvidenskaberne I, Kjøbenhavn: Andreas Seidelin. However, the main result of this investigation was the comparison between the fossil faunas and the molluscan faunas now living before our eyes as C. Among the many helpful colleagues at the Survey, I would like to thank Lasse Gudmundsson for keeping order in the many samples that were analysed, and Frants von Platen-Hallermund for making the compilations seen in the figures and appendix listing the molluscan species and other data. Funder contributed to make the work better all are thanked. State Geologist at that time Johnny Fredericia, who caused me to take up the challenge and continued to support me is thanked, as is Richard Bradshaw, State Geologist of my new department at the Survey, the Department of Environmental History and Climate 172 GEUS Bulletin no 3172 Change. Heinemeier contributed with Appendix 4 on the 14 C dates on shell macrofossils from the Skagen cores. Rasmussen read an early draft of the work and the referees H. With great experience in writing for me, Birgit Jørgensen did the typing and commented upon the English. Peter John Crabb revised the English in the most thorough way.

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 68(2 4), Fredén, C. 1920: Om den marine Molluskfauna ved Vestkysten af Island. 1937: Contributions to the animal ecology of the fjords of Angmagssalik and Kangerdlugssuaq in East Greenland. Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse Årbog 1973, Bertelsen, E. 1974: Stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits in the Skærumhede II boring: lithology, molluscs and foraminifera. Dansk Geologisk Forening Årsskrift 1976, Bondesen, P.

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Indbydelsesskrift til Reformationsfesten den 14 de November Kjøbenhavn: J.

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