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2006 Revision of Grewia (Malvaceae-Grewioideae) in Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo.

Soepadmo 2005 A synopsis of the Bornean species of Microcos L.

these, Departement d'Anthropologie, Universite Laval, Quebec. Bell, Thomas 2007 Jungle tribe [Penan of Sarawak] is threatened by 'green' fuels demand. * Bellamy, David James 2002 Jolly Green Giant: The Autobiography of David 3.

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New homes sound death knell for traditional way of life, reports Sebastien Berger in Kampong Ayer. 2004 Brunei flirts with democracy as the oil millions begin to run low. After three years as our South-East Asia correspondent, Sebastien Berger reflects on his time spent among some inspirational people--and their sometimes frightening leaders. Abdullah 2006 Distribution records of the rare flying lemur in Kota Samarahan and Kuching area, Sarawak. Black, Ann 2001 Alternative dispute resolution in Brunei Darussalam: The blending of imported and traditional processes.

2004 Brunei sees its heritage adrift on a tide of cash. 2006 Sultan's civil servants get first pay rise for twenty-two years. 2007 Old habits die hard as the East sets about change.

2003 A Field Guide to the Forest Trees of Brunei Darussalam and the northwest Borneo hotspot.

Azlan Miz 1997 Inovasi dialek Melayu Saribas: Kajian perbandingan.

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Tsing and Charles Zerner 1998 Representing Communities: Histories and Polities of Community-Based Natural Resources Management..

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