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How will he survive this new world filled with dangerous mutant animals, plants, and…copies of the other nations? DISCONTINUED: Reasons in last chapter When the World Meeting is interrupted by a book, the nations are forced to read each other's diary entries out loud. but how can his friends help him when it's all in his head?

Little does he know that by creating this small soul he has taken on a role that he did not expect. Now, on the run, can they find a safe home and gain Justice for the wrongs brought upon them? When a strange Aurora interrupts a Meeting, and 12 nations—including Italy—are taken inside the Aurora, only Italy can guide them through his memories. After a night of drunken sex, Romano ends up pregnant with twins and Spain doesn't remember. After learning that Spain wasn't affected by his disappearance, he decides to become human once the children are born, and only a select few nations would remember.

)Light returned to his black eye sockets and Sans stared at the ceiling of his old room.

Blue tears were slowly forming in the corner of his eye-sockets.

His memories were intact not a piece missing and he knew why.

This would be true fully their very last run and he had to make it count.

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