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It’s a good idea to have the general system-wide Time Zone detection feature enabled if you’re going to use this feature, that way the Mac will automatically change itself to the current locations time zone when it has detected a change.

OS X usually has this turned on by default, but you can double check in System Preferences to be sure that “Set time zone automatically using current location” is turned on.

No issue there, here's the event in Outlook 2007: This is the XML that creates the event: Note that I specify the Meeting Time Zone, and give Start/Finish an explicit time zone, so that Exchange Server knows how to convert it to UTC without having to rely on the server time zone (see Best Practices for Using Exchange Web Services for Calendaring Tasks).

Please ensure you installed "Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.3.2 Update" "Coordinated Universal Time was not included when you created a calendar event in Outlook for Mac Adds Coordinated Universal Time (UTC 0 without a DST offset) to the list of available time zones when you create a calendar event." With Time Zone Data Update Tool you can fix appointment times 32 bit

And according to the other thread looks like it might break things in the process. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

So I have a few users and the calendar keep switching to UTC time zone. If you’re interested in going that route let me know and I will send you a template to create a business impact statement.

So the searching I have done looks similar but not the same as this problem.

I came across this hotfix but not sure if that is the one I need.

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The Business Impact Statement is used to demonstrate how important the request we’re making is and how much the current design is crippling your business." and "Nothing can be done in Mac Outlook to change this.

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