Media dating violence

“It usually results in genocide.” He paused for a moment and then nodded: “Yeah, I guess.” I could feel my stomach drop as soon as he starting romanticizing European conquest, the nausea I’ve come to associate with being forced to listen to someone’s racism. I’d been upfront about my pre-operation surgery status from the beginning.

Even when I win against one oppression, I lose to another.

When I first transitioned, I lost some of my closest Indigenous friends because of transphobia.

We are caught in lethal crossfire of racism, colonization, transphobia and misogyny.

Within our communities, we were valued as romantic partners because of many responsibilities we carried.

The last 150 years of colonization—residential schools, forced Christianization, the outlawing of traditional ceremonies—have tried to destroy and erase Indigenous trans women from our culture.

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