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Three months later, the separation from Elena and his son Joaquin, and the feeling that the people no longer need Zorro, are taking its toll on Alejandro.

His childhood guardian, Father Felipe, convinces him to attend a party at French Count Armand's new vineyard.

“I’m having a very introspective time right now,” she said while attending the Crown Media party for the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills.

“It’s an interesting time.” Not that that’s a bad thing.

Upon researching the phrase, Felipe and Alejandro learn that Armand is the head of a secret society, the Knights of Aragon, which has been secretly ruling Europe.

The United States is deemed a threat to the Knights, so they plan to throw the country into chaos before it can gain too much power.

“Happy birthday Melanie,” the actor wrote in Spanish.

“A loving hug from Marbella.” Recently, Griffith spoke with PEOPLE about her life after divorce. I’m single, and lonely, and bored, and confused – but then at the same time, totally curious.

The film takes place in San Mateo County, California and was shot in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, with second-unit photography in Wellington, New Zealand.In 1851, nine years after the events of the first film, California is voting on whether to join the United States of America as a state.Alejandro de la Vega, as Zorro, foils a plot to steal the ballots, but during the fight with a gunman named Jacob Mc Givens, he briefly loses his mask.Unbeknownst to him, Joaquin also hitched a ride on Mc Given's cart, having sneaked out of a class trip.Zorro saves his son from the bandits, and examing the shipment, he sees a piece of the cargo, a bar of soap, and the name Orbis Unum on a crate lid.

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