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He said he wasn’t supposed to leave the resort, and asked if I could come there. As soon as I stepped back onto the hotel’s property, my phone buzzed. My taste in men might be questionable at times, but the person messaging me was the most attractive man I’d ever seen. He looked like a male model; the rugged He-Man/GI Joe type, not the metrosexual pretty boy. He had been living in the Pacific Northwest for years, and had successfully founded his own startup. Zeke intimidated me, and I sincerely had been interested in just finding someone to hang out with.

I received a promising message soon after: “What brings you to Cancun? After yet another one-day go, the app had lost its luster to me.And thanks to the advent of dating apps, finding a local tour guide — a.k.a. Which is how I found Roberto, a fitness instructor who had the shirtless pics to prove it... Even though meeting a random stranger IRL in a foreign country might sound like the makings of a Lifetime movie, I didn’t hesitate. (I still have those Mexican condoms, btw.) We kept in touch briefly afterwards. Despite the “meh” outcome, that spontaneous date was a refreshing break from my staid agenda and was just, well, Side note: If you’re looking for a little vacation rendezvous of your own, you can download apps that are specifically designed to connect solo travelers, such as Tour Bar, a membership club and international dating site with verified users; Wingman, which hooks you up with other passengers on your flight; and Tripr, a digital matchmaking app that connects you with other travelers or locals before you take off.I did confide to one of my work colleagues who was also on the trip that I was meeting up with some local dude. But whether it’s for business or pleasure, when I go on a trip — even if it’s with girlfriends — I tend to get sentimental.Recently, during a trip to Mexico, an ex-boyfriend emailed me, asking if I was having a good time.

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