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The current EVO neck was installed in 1997, when the previous one was broken during a show in Melbourne, Australia.

This is why the headstock doesn’t seem to have as many marks and chips as the body features.

Playability and Steve Vai's unmatched tone are coupled together in this indomitable axe.

Sandwiching a hotter single-coil between two full-sounding humbuckers gives you an array of tone to play around with.

In fact, most are not good guitars by any standard.

We at Ibanez, our distributors, and our retailers have heard many complaints from consumers who have purchased these instruments thinking that they were getting a great deal when actually, in the end, they were getting swindled.

The smoothness of the EVO neck is nothing short of amazing.

Due to Steve’s wild signature moves on stage, EVO has been forced to experience various repairs and surgeries from time to time, and the JEM-EVO faithfully recreates this look.

By federal statutes it's not only a felony to sell counterfeit merchandise, it's a felony even to own it.

“EVO”- the most beloved instrument of guitar icon, Steve Vai.

Commemorating 25 years of his signature guitar, the JEM, we proudly introduce the JEM-EVO, a real masterpiece made possible by the highest Japanese craftsmanship.

Steve feels that each nick and scratch in EVO “add character and tell stories,” so every single one of them is important and has been re-created by hand.

All the dents on the body, belt buckle wear, and scratches around the input jack, are all there, just like EVO.

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In the middle you have an Evolution DPS1 Custom single-coil pickup for a true single-coil sound.

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